Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear John, ...

Dear John,

Thanks so much for taking such wonderful care of our miniature horses' feet! You're kind and understanding and sure know a horse's hoof, inside and out. When you ask 'em to pick their foot up you give 'em time to shift their weight to the other 3 feet before raising that foot from the ground. If they're nervous you talk calmly to them and wait for them to tell you they're ready to continue.

John, I'm always impressed with the time you take to make the job easier for a little horse, at your expense. You come equipped with mini sized nippers, small files for small hooves and knee pads for yourself! You know a rushed job is not always a well done job. You ask me to walk each horse up and down the aisle after each trim to see how they travel...and often call us back for a few more swipes of the rasp.

John, I know you do the trimming in the evenings because you have a full time job. It's often been a long day at work but you're always on time. (This being a trait that applies to only, uh, maybe 5% of the horse shoers I have known.) You have roping horses and cattle to support. You have two lovely daughters to support. AND...I know your two awesome gals lead the nation as miniature horse "show-women", year after year, often swapping positions, #1 and #2. Because of the sacrifices you make, your daughters will always have enough money in the "horse show kitty" to go to the Nationals. ROCK!

Warm regards,



billie Thursday, May 07, 2009 12:35:00 PM  


I saw your blog link on one of our class list emails and popped over to say hi!

Love all the photos and esp. this post about your wonderful trimmer. We have one we love too!

When you get a chance, come visit my blog and say hello - if you look through some of the archives, you'll see our herd. :)

the7msn Thursday, May 07, 2009 1:46:00 PM  

So will you be bringing John to New Mexico? Competent, reliable farriers are SO hard to find!

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