Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cruzin' Coolers ~ Master's Division

Last weekend TVs were silent. No one sat mesmerized in front of the tube or flat screen to watch racing....NASCAR racing. Why? 'Cause this country's common man, the one without a Swiss bank account, off-shore holdings or deep pockets in his sponsor's pin-striped suit pants --- has "down-sized". Down sized such that a relatively cheap and more practical rig is used for the weekend's contention of speed, agility and levels of testosterone.

And better yet, this year the Cruzin' Coolers Invitational has a Master's Division!

"C'mon Dad, drive that beast like you own the road, er, track!"

Familiarizing yourself with the controls take, um, 'bout 10 seconds. Stop, go, go faster. When you're done with your training laps you climb off, open the cooler and down a cold one.

Track surfaces can change and present hazardous racing conditions. It's important to whisper the mantra used by experienced Cruizin' Cooler riders --- "Be One with the Cooler, Be One with the Cooler". Repeat as necessary as you slide around the sharp turns.

So Masters, dust off those tennies, don your favorite baseball cap and mount up! Fill your tanks with lots of ice and your favorite canned or bottled pastime. Never mind training much. You can polish your skills between the pits and the starting line.

Next race starts in 10 minutes!


Lynette Wednesday, October 07, 2009 2:41:00 AM  

Turn left! Go fast!

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