Friday, March 19, 2010

Always Ready

Hi, "Creel" here.

I'm a Greyhound...the second fastest animal on the planet next to the Cheetah. I can top out at 43 mph. Yeah, really.

But, most of the time I just hang around the house, stretching biceps and triceps, warming up hamstrings and flexing quads.

And making my Mom wince when she sees me laying like this. (Four inch drop from wood floor to carpet.)

Ahhh, can you feel the burn?

So when she does I tell her not to worry...I am built for speed and my body can take the punishment. When she doesn't believe me I calm her down by "assuming the position".

Feel better now Mom?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just a Peek...

Just a peek into what I've been workin' on lately....yippee! I'm an entrepreneur, uh, small business owner. More accurately, a gal doing what she wants to do, when she wants to do it and where she wants to do it.

Just a few pics, but can you figure out what I've got my fingers, elbows and (for that matter) mouth into lately? This was a test-batch and had to be consumed by hubby and me to be sure we were doing everything correctly.

I'll tell you more about my "lil biz" journey after the last of the equipment arrives from California soon...all 100 pounds of it. Sorry 'bout that, mister delivery man.

So don't start complaining quite yet UPS dude --- wait til the 500 pounds of popcorn arrives from Iowa!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Somethin' stinks in here!

Sorry folks, but somethin' stinks in here. Here, as in my blog!

Try as I may I can't keep some rude people out of my world (I'm talking to YOU, you @#$%^&* spammers!) so I'll have to employ the little "type the squiggly word you see before you comment on Sandy's blog" whatchamacallit.

So if you don't mind, could you do that for me? I really love to hear from folks and I don't want the word-typing-thingamajig to throw you off. If you didn't have a chance to comment on

I Am Rug: A Sequel or Happy Birthday Little Buddy , you should be able to do that now.

You're the best (broad grin) --- but you know that, huh?

Friday, March 5, 2010

I am rug: A sequel

Early this year I learned how a natural sheepskin rug is born at On Becoming a Rug. All the interesting, kinda yucky, educational details.

Now I can show you the finished results, the results I was hoping for when I sent the pelts off to the tanner in Pennsylvania. (How they got there and how long it took is for another post, another day. Let's just say, I can totally relate to "going postal"!)

Folks, meet "Jazz" ---

And the lovely "Apricot" ---

These two "guys" will have places of honor on the tile floor of our new ranch home in Corona, New Mexico soon.

Don't you wish you could someday be my toes on a cold winter morning, as they dig deep into the warm, cozy fluff of a real you know by name?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Buddy

I know (head hung low). I'm a day late, but I just wanted to officially say "Happy Birthday" to the littlest of my little buddies.


Quaker was born on February 28th, 2001. The earth rumbled that day in western Washington as the Nisqually earthquake rocked and rolled the countryside. Quaker's mama decide it was time to have her baby, pronto!

So little Quaker was born.

Over the years, little guy, you've been the best of friends. You've patiently listened when I had too much to say. You've nuzzled me when no words were needed.

Your big brown eyes have told me --- the feeling is mutual.

Happy Birthday to the only horse I know with a Richter scale reading in his name:

Mountain Meadows Quaker 6.8 (really!)

Folks following my blog...


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