Friday, October 22, 2010

My Favorite Little Cowboy

This summer, while visiting our place in New Mexico, we went to a great local horse show. It was my pleasure to watch the littlest cowboy at the show.

Pint-sized, he was sitting astride the fence rail, totally decked out in all the cowboy essentials: summer straw with impressive feather, long-sleeved shirt (always worn by real cowboys to protect them from the sun, rope burns and cactus spines), jeans and belt and boots, with serious spurs.

His daddy had taught him how to ride a big horse properly...look at his perfect form. Straight line from bit to elbows. Head up, heels down!

But little cowboys need a horse more their size...

A buddy, a compadre. Someone to explore the dusty trails of cowboy-dom.


Tina from Tillamook Friday, October 22, 2010 10:15:00 PM  

Oh how adorable!
Melts my heart -
Want to hug them both!!!!

clairz Saturday, October 23, 2010 4:42:00 AM  

Oh, my goodness, Sandy. What a wonderful series you have captured here.

Folks following my blog...


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