Monday, January 24, 2011

The 4 Step Method

Cotton has never been on a grooming table in her very short (no pun intended) life. So, when the snazzy-grooming-table was delivered last week I needed to figure out a way of introducing the two of them.

"Snazzy-grooming-table meet Cotton."

"Cotton, meet snazzy-grooming-table."

That didn't cut it.

Hmmm, what does Cotton love more than me? More than the welcoming lap in the La-Z-boy each night? That's simple, food.

Step One: Apply two front feet on table and lean toward the food dish filled with dinner.

Step Two: Apply a third foot, tentatively, knowing the food outweighs the perceived danger of the snazzy-grooming-table.

Step Three: Put all four paws on the table, dine quickly before something Earth-shattering happens.

And, Step Four: Call it a night, lick your lips and bid the snazzy-grooming-table adieu.

Mission Accomplished.

Next assignment, if she chooses to accept it: Stand quietly on the snazzy-grooming-table with it's legs extended, waaaaaay above floor level!


SouthernSass Monday, January 24, 2011 3:13:00 PM  

Good luck with your next phase! My dog loves to get in the recliner with either me or my husband each night and stretches out on our legs like a warm blanket. :)

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