Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dreams DO Come True!

As some of you might know...we're headed to our 'place in the sun' soon!

Resignations have been handed in, plans have been made to get all the two and four-leggeds moved. Now to pack and bulk up on Ibuprofen. We haven't moved for 22 years and oh, how I wish I had that 30-something body back to help with the lifting!

Here's a post from 2009, so you can see what we've been so eager to enjoy!

At least once a day I find myself daydreaming about my place in New Mexico. Hubby and I designed it, found financing for it (!!!) and had it built during this lovely recession and now it sits...and waits for us. (Sigh, big sigh) We spent six wonderful days there in July camping out, in our new house. The house doesn't have little things like furniture or dishes or towels. No problem, it was heaven anyway.

Some of you have asked for a need to wipe your feet cause we're just going around the outside today.

Here's our entry with my drop-dead-gorgeous front door...all 8 feet of it! I love the full leaded glass done in a Craftsman/Frank Lloyd Wright style with the typical "wheat" pattern at the top. No wheat on the ranch but it could pass for the blue grama grass we do have. The indentation in the wall is called a nicho and is named after the South American decorative boxes ("nichos") that hold religious icons. The nicho has a little light at the top of the dome and will probably house a funky folk art coyote or somethin'.

I think this is the prettiest side of the house, the back. It faces south/southwest so windows will bring low hung winter sun into the house during chilly months. The master bedroom is on the far left, living room in the middle and dining area on the far right. The view from any room is of the Gallinas Mountains and is to die for.

Did I mention we put some windows in the house? Tons and tons of them. They're Andersen Low-E windows so will serve us well for the next couple hundred years. They're casement on the bottom and tilt out on the top. Open wide during the day keeps the house comfortable in 90 plus heat. The tilt out portion brings in cool nighttime breezes.

On the far right is the garage and shop. This time around hubby wanted the shop IN the garage and I relented. But, there was a trade-off. "My" 1 ton truck gets a parking spot too and it'll be IN the garage.

The "ah-ha" moment came when we thought to add a fireplace to the outside of the house. The master bedroom, kitchen and dining area are all convenient to the fireplace. where did I put the margarita glasses?

This is my view of the mountains from the bedroom, on the bed, laying on my right side when my eyes pop open in the morning. We'll thin the junipers some to open up the view after we move in but, anyway you look at it, it's a great way to start my morning!


Taryn Wednesday, May 18, 2011 12:27:00 PM  

How gorgeous! I can't wait to see it once you have moved in and personalized it!

How did you ever decide you wanted to move there? That's one of my biggest questions about retiring: Where to go?

Good luck with your move!

Sandy ~~~ Wednesday, May 18, 2011 12:34:00 PM  

Taryn...long story but it had a lot to do with good climate, horses and cattle, Native American and Spanish culture, wild lands and real, honest-to-goodness neighbors. NO more stuffy, snobby "it's all about me" types.

penni Wednesday, May 18, 2011 2:12:00 PM  

This is why people live in New Mexico! We have just over a million and a half people in the fourth largest State in the US. 1/3 of New Mexico is National Forest, Federal Preserves, and Indian lands. It is so open, that each of us has a sense of ownership of the beauty. We voted to let Sandy and Bruce come live here because they fit right in :)

clairz Wednesday, May 18, 2011 3:09:00 PM  

This is such wonderful news! You'll document every bit of the moving out and moving in, won't you? It will satisfy my gypsy heart to at least read about a big move to NM, since I am so settled down here at last.

Just heard from a friend who put an offer in on a place down the road from our adobe house, and just read a blog post by friends in Massachusetts who are taking steps to come down and retire in the desert sun with us, too. Life is good!

Sandy ~~~ Wednesday, May 18, 2011 3:13:00 PM  

Ahhhh times I think I shouldn't be giving out "our" secret about New Mexico. But with so few people here, it'll take a while for things to be "crowded"!

Yes on the documenting the move. I started this blog over 2 years ago thinking I would start documenting right away. Two years later I am ready to go!

clairz Wednesday, May 18, 2011 3:19:00 PM  

Sandy, don't worry, there's still lots of room! However, it might be time for me to do a blog post on my neighbors--the centipedes, tarantulas, cockroaches, rattlesnakes, and javelinas, just to mention a few.

It took me years to convince my husband to come for a visit, as he kept picturing being chased by herds of rattlers!

Sandy ~~~ Wednesday, May 18, 2011 3:23:00 PM  

Shhhh, don't tell everyone there aren't herds of rattlers! (chuckle)

Unknown Wednesday, May 18, 2011 6:23:00 PM  

I was wondering when this day would come! So exciting!!

My father has been in New Mexico for years, we'll probably end up there after the kids get off to college. We're already eyeing some property between Las Cruces and Alamogordo...

Traci Wednesday, May 18, 2011 8:23:00 PM  

Uh WOW!!! Beautiful! I hope to visit your new abode in the future!!! :) Congrats! It's lovely!

Nancy in NC Friday, May 20, 2011 7:26:00 AM  

I mosied over here from the 7MSN and your new home looks wonderful! Lucky you - w/this economy, I don't know if I'll ever get to retire!

Sandy ~~~ Friday, May 20, 2011 10:51:00 AM  

Nancy! Welcome and thanks for moseying on over for a visit. I love to hear from folks from all over the country!

Don't worry on the economy thing...everything eventually happens for the best. We built 2 years ago and then things tanked and couldn'tg get the house here in WA sold until now! Geeeesh!

Greyhounds CAN Sit Friday, May 27, 2011 5:46:00 PM  

Boy, that is some house! Can't wait to see the inside:) Congratulations on being able to move at last.

I hadn't added your blog to my blog roll so had missed your last couple of posts. Am all caught up now. Good luck with the big shift, I hope it all goes smoothly.

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