Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Equine Cast at Windfall

I was standing on the deck this afternoon watching the "equines" here at Windfall. I call them that because I can't call them horses. Pistol Pete is a donkey. I can't call them all minis. Pete is, in donkey lingo, a small "standard" sized donkey. I can't call them ponies because they aren't. So, they're equines. But we aren't that stuffy here so they're more often called just "the boys". (Heaven forbid I ever have a mare on the place---it would really send me into a tizzy.)

They were standing all in a row, just as they'd come to the farm.

The first, and the smallest, measuring in at just 31.5 inches is "Quaker". Miniature horses are officially measured at the last hair of their mane near their withers. Don't ask me why miniature horse people have to do it differently than the rest of the world's horse people. They just do. Quaker came to live with me in March of 2004. He was delivered in, what else, a minivan! He came into my life to save me from "The Mule from Hell". (Another story some day.)

Quaker on the left (yikes --- I was trying to clip and the blade gave out!) stands next to Raider, our second mini in the herd. Raider moved in with us in June of 2006. He was hubby's horse from the very beginning and also hubby's driving mentor. It's so great to have a schoolmaster out in the pasture. Raider is a.k.a Champion Farms Apache Raider and stands at 35.25 inches.

Hidden Havens Poco Bandito moved into his stall in February 2007. Coming to the name Otis, he was my first show mini and partner in Combined Driving Events. We both were new at the game then and have learned a lot along the way. We have our priorities and FUN is at the top of the list. Otis is the middle mini at 33.5 inches.

Last, but not least is Pistol Pete. Pete moved home to Windfall in January of 2008, an adoption from Pasado's Safe Haven in Sultan, WA. He's the tallest of the crew even before you add those fantastic ears. Pete convinced me I hadn't been "living" until I brought his long ears into my life.

This cast has it all. While Otis will back another equine into a corner and give 'em hell, Raider is the peacekeeper. Quaker has a coat of soft silver dapples, Pete has a coat of commercial grade carpeting. Each equine in his own way contributes to the star-studded cast at Windfall.


Sue Thursday, June 11, 2009 2:56:00 AM  

They are so sweet. Sounds like they each have their own distinct personalities. I used to own a mini donkey-what a character. I think he thought he was some incredible stallion-LOL.
Thanks for sharing-the pics are wonderful!

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