Monday, July 20, 2009

The Boys of Summer

Last Sunday was the 7th anniversary of Bryan and Bekah's wedding. We decided to celebrate with a BBQ --- in the summer --- with the boys! We sprinkled in a few girls just to make it sane. Me grabbing the camera and forgetting to change the lens (sorry about the distant shots). Bekah because she's the feminine half of "Bryan and Bekah" and the party was about her. Elena, Bekah's good friend. Bree because she was cute and had four legs and had her tongue hanging out most of the time, and oh, 'cause she's a dog. And Elke because she has a special place at the end of this little story.

Our evening started with homemade pico de gallo. I have a new food processor so I chopped everything up to smithereens. Yum! Then some Chili Con Queso Revved Up from my good friend (but she doesn't know it) The Pioneer Woman. Oh, double yum!

Dinner was prepared by Chef Hubby AND his new, awesome (assembled here at home in less than 2 hours) Weber Grill. The chef prepared the most delicious, humongous BBQ-ed pork steaks in the world. Well, at least since the last time he did pork steaks. I made a great Asian slaw with the help of my Kitchen Aid food processor. Oh the labor and hard work of stuffing cabbage in a little slot and pushing a button. My kind of kitchen slavery. Corn-on-the-cob, cake and ice cream rounded out the evening.

After their guts were weighed down with 5 pounds of queso and pico, the boys decided a badminton match was in order. As I saw the teams developing I realized, "Oh my gosh....this is an Army/Navy game!" Well, kinda.

Representing the Navy were Scott (R) and Rienzo (L). I have just recently met Scott, but if he hangs with Rienzo he's OK with me. Just outta of the Navy, he managed to not call me "Ma'am" the entire night, although I do appreciate a slip of "Ma'am" every now and then. Makes me feel important.

Rienzo is just Rienzo. Even though I wrote a letter of recommendation to the President or someone having to do with the Navy (maybe an admiral?), I cannot for the life of me remember Rienzo's first name. Is it John? That would be a nice match if it is. Anyway, Rienzo is, just like I said, Rienzo. Quick to smile, even faster on his crotch rocket...he's a good guy.

The Army was represented by Michael (L), Elke's hubby, and Zack (R). I know Michael was in the Army because he's like my second son (besides Bryan who is my first and only son). Confused? So are Michael and I most of the time. But I say 'second son' because he's that close to me. I just didn't carry him for 9 months. Only through Tiger Cubs, bucking hay during the summer and having to keep up with his address changes while he was in Europe in the Army...that's all. Throw in Zack for good measure, because Michael wouldn't take on the Navy team single-handed (NOT!), and we have the makings of two formidable badminton teams.

The match was on! Rienzo spent a lot of time watching for 'incoming'...

When the birdie hit the ground Zack tried to explain to Rienzo he was not permitted to pick up the bludgeoned bird --- Rienzo was to tap it lightly to send it over the net. Geesh. Elke soon came into the house to find a needle and thread. Why? Apparently in their battle weariness, the boys had beaten the 'birdie' so severely, Elke was having to sew it back together. Oh my's a plastic birdie.

Often Bree and Blue (the Labs) would step in and show both branches of the service how the game was played. They are bird dogs, ya know, and were totally disgusted with the lack of skill on the part of the two-leggeds.

When Michael wasn't striking a stunning pose he was getting a cold one for the dogs.

Bryan, my first son, my only son (except for Michael, remember) was content to coach from the sidelines, watch the foolishness and keep score. After playing for about 15 minutes I recall someone shouting, "How do you score this @#$%*+! game?" No one had a clue.

Meanwhile, the girls watched from the gallery. Elena (R) didn't know she had a chance to become infamous and get her face on my blog. Bekah (L) smiled and sighed and tried not to encourage the silliness on the court. Elke (C) relaxed. Can you see the little round tummy? Yup, you guessed it --- another team member, due in October. Which team will draft little Jacob?

It was a wonderful evening! We all ate too much and laughed a lot.

Oh, and the winners of the badminton game? No one was quite sure. Personally, I think it was the Labrador Retrievers with some help from Captain Morgan.


the7msn Tuesday, July 21, 2009 5:59:00 AM  

BBQ pork steaks? Do tell. When I'm not eating chicken, I'm grilling naked pork steaks.

Looks like y'all throw a nice party. When's the next one? I'll bring Coronas to Corona.

Lynette Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7:09:00 AM  

I love the flip flops discarded on the lawn, while everybody relaxes in bare feet. It's not summer without bare feet!

penni Wednesday, July 22, 2009 1:36:00 PM  

How much fun was that? How do you score badminton -- I cannot remember. I'll bring fresh limes for the Coronas in Corona!

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