Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One more time...From Historical to Hysterical ( Log Show Part Two)

Back to the Buckley Log Show, Day Two:


Back to the Buckley Log Show...

This part of the country (despite the spotted owl) is rich in logging history. A cute little museum at the log show grounds gives you an idea how hard loggin' life was before the chain saw, the huge trucks and the powerful machinery.

Serious logging depends on macho machinery. I wonder whose job it'll be to change this tire? Bring on the muscle, boys.

This little number is the one Hollywood has it's eyes on for it's next horror blockbuster! (Just kidding, but it makes for a great "visual"!) There's a big strap holding the wheels together because the nubby bumps on them are made for de-barking the tree. Not something you want to back into when it's going full tilt. Yikes!

An important part of logging history is the memories of those who've passed. I think as long as this International is part of the crew, "Big Joe" will be there too.

I gotta kick out of some of the "individual expression" on the logging trucks. No problem finding these rigs parked in the woods.

Oh crap...I hope that last one doesn't change the viewer's rating of my blog. Sorry, couldn't resist. Remember --- in the woods --- it's a man's world.

Part 3? Ahh, that's where we'll kick up the testosterone level a notch!


Unknown Wednesday, June 30, 2010 7:28:00 AM  

I'll pretend not to 'get' that last one! lol

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