Monday, June 28, 2010

One More Time...The Men and Their Loggin' Machines

I missed the Buckley Log Show this last weekend...but there's no reason you should miss out on the fun! Here's a recap of the 2009 show. Still plenty of muscle and sawdust!


The last full weekend of June is the legendary eye-popping, heart-stopping, testosterone slathered Buckley Log Show in (pant, pant), Buckley, Washington. Man-o-man, there are sights to be seen, and smelled and of course, photographed. Sit tight and I'll fill you in over the next few days.

Heading south from my house I feast my eyes on the mountain, again. This is Mt. Rainier, all 14,410 feet of her. When the mountain isn't shrouded in clouds Washingtonians say, "The mountain is out today." As it was this day. See what I have to put up with around here? She, the mountain, is gorgeous. (I long ago decided she was female.)

On to Buckley and the Log Show grounds.

Like a frozen ballet of steel and forest, the trucks and their cargo are poised for all to admire.

Big boy's serious, workin' toys are put on display. Here's a local "tree hugger". Oh, not the husband....but the huge yellow jaws surrounding him. They grab the trees with a vengeance, shake the dirt from the roots, hold the tree for de-limbing and stack the resulting logs neatly on the truck.

More trucks and loggin' stuff soon. I'm almost afraid to show you one monstrous gadget from the Logging House of Horrors. I think Hollywood might be considering it for a torture machine in their next James Bond movie!


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