Monday, August 24, 2009

Flood + Friends = BBQ!

Our good friends, Mickey and Peter, had a devastating visitor last winter. Mother Nature came to stay in the form of a "500 year flood". An uninvited squatter, she was cursed while she languished upon their historical farm. She left behind mud, caused lots of sweat and (I'm sure) more than a few bouts of tears.

Yesterday Mickey and Peter showed their appreciation for the post-flood-clean-up-help by giving their "thank you" BBQ. There was a bunch of us, all so very glad to see a dry farm once again in all it's summer beauty. The food and company were great.

My wonderful friends, Dorothy and Tammy, brought their miniature horses to the BBQ! Besides the delicious food, the minis were the high point of the day sharing cart rides through the obstacles of the marathon course. I know from the shouts of excitement the miniature horse driving experience "bit" more than a few folks.

"Buddy" takes Dorothy and friend around the course.

A new driver with the handsome schoolmaster "Klyde".

"Buddy" steps out with Dorothy and another delighted passenger.

"Klyde" takes a new driver through the marathon obstacle.

Dorothy hands the reins to a new driver.

Smiles all around...

Geesh, watching horses drive sure can generate an appetite! Off to the BBQ!


Sue Tuesday, August 25, 2009 2:36:00 AM  

I can't get over how cute those mini's are! How sweet!

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