Monday, August 31, 2009

A Sorry Looking Lot All Polished Up

A sorry-looking lot faced me yesterday morning when I entered the barn. Munching the last of their breakfast hay, the minis and donkey glanced at me without a care in the world. Until they saw the scissors in my back pocket. And the rechargeable cordless clippers on the picnic table in the aisle way.

Then they knew something was up. "Uh oh, Mom's in grooming mode." Be afraid, be very afraid.

Here are some before and after pictures just to prove the rough looking bunch did go out to the pasture a bit more polished.

Raider has a mane that goes every which way but down his neck. I think it comes from his head being on the ground looking for that elusive blade of green grass.

First I take on the bulk of the mane with scissors. (The local high school head bangers are always hoping to get a glimpse of Raider's Mohawk...and aspire to duplicate it.)

Then buzz the part of the mane known as the "bridle path" close with the clippers. Ahhh...that's much better.

A comb out of Raider's long black tail (and removal of burrs and other assorted pasture dwellers) and Raider's a handsome boy once more.

When we adopted Pete he was very (very) obese. He has safely lost many pounds but, unfortunately, will never completely loose the fatty deposit along the top of his neck. It makes for some pretty interesting trimming.

A snip here and there accompanied by hee-haws of approval and Pete's ready for the pasture again. His drive-by public was so appreciative.

Last but not least, Otis. (Quaker was lucky enough to sneak out to the pasture before I got the idea to document this mess!)

Hello in there! Is there a horse under all that mane?

In certain circles Otis would be a rock star if you added some glitzy chains and a guitar. So, off with the shaggy mane, my little man.

Now you're presentable enough to go out to the pasture Otis. But wait, I have some leftovers.

What a marketing breakthrough! Clean this stuff up a little, package it, hire a pitchman and you could have your very own "Build-A-Mini Kit"!



the7msn Monday, August 31, 2009 8:36:00 PM  

And when they shed out in the spring, you can throw in a bonus "stuff-a-mattress" kit.

Unknown Monday, September 14, 2009 3:28:00 PM  

What a crew! They look so dapper now!

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